VPI Pet Insurance; The Best Insurance Pet Cover For You And Your Pet

VPI Pet InsuranceEvery being whether it be on two legs or four legs needs a comprehensive medical cover. Needless to say every one of us has been sick and suffered aches and taken steps to retain good health. Due to this fact and we extend the same concern to our loving pets to be covered against all types of eventualities to ensure utmost health and peace of mind. Continue reading “VPI Pet Insurance; The Best Insurance Pet Cover For You And Your Pet”

Trello Project Management


Trello Project ManagementTrello is a business management tool that gives you a breakdown of the tasks being done and who is doing them. It borrows a lot from the Kanban system used by Toyota to track their production and preserve flexibility. It can be constituted as a white board filled with sticky notes. Each of these notes represent a different task within your business. It is a great tool for both small scale businesses and large scale businesses. The Trello application borrows a lot from this board concept and can be downloaded for use as a project management tool. The Trello project management app can therefore be seen as a system comprising of boards, lists and cards. Continue reading “Trello Project Management”

How to start a home catering business in a few steps

catering businessWith a passion to cook delicious foods and the goal to make an unlimited amount of money, the best option for someone with those two goals is to combine them and start a catering business. From catering dinner for a busy family during a weeknight to creating an elegant menu for a large wedding on the weekend, the catering biz is one that is in high demand. Let’s take a look at some of the basic steps you must take to get your own entrepreneurship off of the ground.  Continue reading “How to start a home catering business in a few steps”

Giganomics: and what don’t you do for a living

business managementIf you ever meet John Lees at a party, he might talk about being a career coach, mention that he writes books on business or drop in the fact that he’s also a part-time Anglican priest. ‘I’ve got a classic portfolio career,‘ says Lees, 50. ‘The advantage is that by working for a variety of employers, no one has complete power over you to switch work on or off. The drawback is in my business management – I have an immensely complicated diary.’

These days, many of us are juggling one-off projects, short-term contracts and assorted consultancies in a bid to survive. Job security used to be a given. But growing numbers of professionals are reinventing themselves by setting up as portfolio workers in a new employment phenomenon dubbed giganomics. Instead of jobs for life, they rely on a series of ‘gigs’. Continue reading “Giganomics: and what don’t you do for a living”

What women really want – new reality of international business

new female reality of international businessIt is time to design products and marketing campaigns that actually appeal to the buying needs and habits of women. Women do buy differently from men 7 they like to research more and are less likely to be influenced by ads. So, one lesson is that less direct/ print/traditional advertising will be effective and subtler ways of communicating, such as word-of-mouth marketing and viral marketing, might work. Continue reading “What women really want – new reality of international business”