Russia is the secret

Russia's secret

Irina horoshko, from Zelenograd, near Moscow, he learned her schedule to five years.

Her precocious talent, inspired by math crazy family and beloved woman-a teacher who turns every lesson into one giant problem-solving games led to the specialty “mathematical Economics” in the Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov. Continue reading “Russia is the secret”

The presidential task

Presidential challenge

As French voters go to the polls to elect a new President, the country’s relations with the European Union, immigration and terrorism are important subjects.

But there is always an economic context, the main criterion for many voters.

And he who walks in the Elysee Palace will face a difficult, even intractable challenges.

The big picture is the economy with high living standards and high performance, but some persistent problems.

The question that stands out is unemployment. Continue reading “The presidential task”

Hippo at work

The hippo at work

As Richard sat in an important meeting at work, he and his colleagues nervously considered the Behemoth in the room.

Richard, who works for a television production company in Toronto, studied at a key meeting to discuss future projects. And the Hippo was to monitor the progress too much.

Fortunately for health and safety reasons, there are not a large semi-aquatic mammal in the room with them. Continue reading “Hippo at work”

The care home fees

Care home fees

Help from the nhs for free, but if you need social assistance because you are physically or mentally frail, you have to pay for it themselves.

And it’s not cheap.

The latest figures show, a place in a nursing home in the UK costs, on average, more than £30,000 a year. A nursing home costs more than £40,000 a year. In the South-East, it is £ 10,000 a year more than the consultants LaingBuisson.

There is financial assistance from local authorities, but it is strictly means-tested. Continue reading “The care home fees”

The agenda trade

Trade agenda

Trade was one of the dominant themes in the election campaign of Donald trump.

He often focused on a specific us trading partners. Mexico and China often in your heart.

And one of his first acts as President was to lead us from the TRANS-Pacific partnership regional trade agreement, agreed with his predecessor, but not entered into force. Continue reading “The agenda trade”



Why settle for just a working day?

Charlie Chan in breast cancer and melanoma surgeon. He is also a rock star photographer.

“My patients always come first, so I work full time as a surgeon and photography is my job,” he says. “I decided to become a surgeon at age 12 and focused on that.”

But photography was his passion since he was 15, so he started smuggling my camera to Leica in concerts. Continue reading “Multidisciplinary”

Eggs-porting is not easy

Eggs-porting isn't easy

Hack big chocolate egg to find nothing in the middle of one of the perennial disappointments in life.

Another chocolate company is the fact that most of the Easter eggs hollow is more than just frustrating, it’s problematic.

“It sounds funny, but there is a lot of air in Easter eggs in relation to their value in weight,” says Helen Pattinson, co-founder of the boutique British chain of chocolate Montezuma. Continue reading “Eggs-porting is not easy”

Not so heaven

Not so friendly skies

Another day, another PR disaster for “United Airlines”.

The third largest carrier in America shut online forcibly dragging passenger, 69-year-old Asian man, believed to be a doctor – off the flight was overbooked.

It only happens a few weeks after the company, whose slogan is “fly to heaven”, was ridiculed for refusing to allow two teenage girls are on Board because they were wearing leggings. Continue reading “Not so heaven”