NICs U-turn

Reality check verdict: about 80% of self-employed workers will pay less National insurance from April 2018, with the rest seeing no change after the government refused to change announced in the budget.

Chancellor Philip Hammond said on Wednesday that he will not make class 4 national insurance contributions, as he planned last week’s budget.

Class 2 national insurance contributions will still be abolished from April next year. They are paid at a fixed rate of £2. Continue reading “KNICKS turn”


Marked down

It’s a mystery. You might expect a less corrupt system of exams to give an opportunity to Shine regardless of the economic situation of the students.

But research in the supposedly successful fight against corruption in Romania showed that one consequence of this is the opposite of its goals: more poor students, then the cleaned-up exam.

The study was conducted by a team of three economists, including Dr. Continue reading “Tagged”

Charlotte Hogg

Charlotte Hogg

The Governor of the Bank of England mark Carney your insincere apology has promised to do “everything we can perform the” “work of Charlotte Hogg for the people of the United Kingdom” when she resigned from the post of Vice-President for markets and banking on Tuesday.

So this 47-year-old Luminary has done in his career?

She was born in the British institution, where her mother and father both served in the government of sir John major. Continue reading “Charlotte Hogg”

Whose turn is it to go?

Whose round is it?

Drinking coffee may be overtaking in the office tea round as the search for workers for a jolt of caffeine, but the hunt for a clean tea mug is still going on in many offices. Freelance journalist Caroline bullock explores the politics and psychology of the tea round.

According to research, when it comes to combating the afternoon slump of energy, office workers off the office kettle and choose a high Street coffee. Continue reading “Whose turn is it to go?”

Work zombie

When you are at work, you behave exactly the same as you do when you get home? Or you have a person whose job is duller, more subdued version of your real self?

Of course, there are certain types of behaviour such as swearing, or nudity, for example, that is not allowed in any place but an inflated version of yourself may not be good for You or Your company.

“Zombies,” as ELISA Steele, Executive Director of the technical firm Jive software refers to such people. Continue reading “Work zombie”

The budget tax increase

The most controversial measure announced in the budget was the increase of taxes, standing over a million self-employed people.

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced an increase in National insurance rate for self-employed, with the entry into force in April next year and the next increase due in April 2019. Continue reading “The budget tax increase”

Machine to hackers

Machines v hackers

There is a gaping hole in the defences that companies use to keep cyber thieves.

The hole is a global shortage of qualified personnel, which keeps hardware security analysis of threats and kicks from intruders.

Currently, the global security industry lacks about one million skilled workers, suggests a study ISC2 – body of the industry for professionals in the field of security. The deficit is likely to grow in the next five years to 1.8 million, he said. Continue reading “Machine to hackers”

Red hot

Red hot

Robert van hoping to make it easier for people to make a decent meal, but did not expect that his new product to attract fans.

Last summer on Amazon Prime the day in the online store global 24-hour annual sale events, one of the most sold products in the U.S. is a multi-function electric cooker.

This question is called the instant pot, and more than 215 000 of them were sold in the United States for one day. Continue reading “Red hot”