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Trade agenda

Trade was one of the dominant themes in the election campaign of Donald trump.

He often focused on a specific us trading partners. Mexico and China often in your heart.

And one of his first acts as President was to lead us from the TRANS-Pacific partnership regional trade agreement, agreed with his predecessor, but not entered into force. Continue reading “The agenda trade”

Philip Hammond signals ditching on tori-no tax increase pledge

Labour proclaims ‘Tory tax bombshell’, as the Chancellor says 2015 election pledge undermines the ability to bring down the deficit

  • General elections in 2017 – live updates

Philip Hammond signals ditching of Tory 'no tax rise' pledge

Philip Hammond signals ditching of Tory 'no tax rise' pledge

Taxes and costs

Philip Hammond signals ditching on tori-no tax increase pledge

Labour proclaims ‘Tory tax bombshell’, as the Chancellor says 2015 election pledge undermines the ability to bring down the deficit

  • General elections in 2017 – live updates

Philip Hammond gave a strong hint that the conservatives can ditch his promise not to raise VAT, national insurance and income tax, stating that the 2015 flagship policy limits its ability to manage the economy.

The Chancellor, who has recently been forced to abandon attempts to raise national insurance for the self-employed offers tax Lock prevents the government’s efforts to reduce the U.K. budget deficit.

His words suggested that the Manifesto will provide opportunities for the tories increase taxes in the next Parliament if they consider it necessary.

Labour seized on the words of the Chancellor as a “Tory tax bombshell”. The leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn, responded quickly, saying that his party will support the triple lock on pensions.

Hammond’s comments in Washington came as Theresa may told the factory workers in her virginity constituency, that the tories will maintain the commitment to allocate 0.7% of national income on international aid.

But the Prime Minister did not commit her party to a so-called triple lock for pensioners, which ensures that the state pension rises above the rate of inflation, average earnings or 2.5%.

The statements of the Chancellor and hours on three key policy areas can piss off right-wing Tory MPs and grassroots activists who wanted to see the volume of aid is declining, and the commitment to pensions and to lower taxes.

But they could help the Conservatives to attract centre-ground voters. Insiders told the Guardian that senior tories believe they can lose from 10 to 15 seats for the liberal Democrats in the early General elections in June.

Hammond, revenue mobilization, whose plan covering self-employed had to be removed within weeks as a result of 2015 tax triple pledge, said he wants more flexibility to put the public finances back into shape.

“I’m a conservative. I came into politics because I believe in higher taxes. I’m not having an ideological desire to raise taxes. But we have to manage the economy sensibly and rationally. We need to get the fiscal accounts back into shape. It was obviously clear that the commitments that were made in the 2015 Manifesto have been doing today limit the possibility to flexibly manage the economy,” he said.

Assistants are nervous about the reaction to his words was quick to emphasize that the Chancellor is not talking about future plans and that no final decisions have been made on the manifest. Later, Hammond added: “we are and always will be in a low tax party. And labor will always be high tax party”.

However, he hinted that he will return to the issue of national insurance if the conservatives won the General election. While refusing to say what would be in the Manifesto of his party, he added that the different treatment of self-employed “something to watch”.

Report on self-employed Matthew Taylor, Executive Director of the Royal society of arts, to be completed in summer. Hammond said it would give “an opportunity to look again at some of these issues.”

Hammond was forced to make a humiliating u-turn after the centerpiece of his first budget – a higher level of national insurance contributions for the self-employed – was attacked for violation of the 2015 conservative Manifesto.

The decision to hold early elections also forced the Chancellor to reconsider its autumn statement commitment to eradicate the budget deficit by the end of the next Parliament. The original promise was given to Hammond by 2025, to balance the books, but if he stuck to the promise he now would speed up the process of deficit reduction to meet the target by 2022.

The Chancellor said that the Treasury will again look at how he determined the timeline for achieving budget balance. “We set out our ambitions and we have done it relatively recently in the autumn statement from the point of view of parliaments. Okay, how are we going to hold elections and terms the Parliament will fall on a different date, we must reaffirm our commitment, and we will do everything in the Manifesto”.

The main campaign, labour’s Andrew Gwynne, said Tory plans to increase taxes. “The real reason he’s doing it because of their own economic failure, and the chaos of his first and only budget,” said Gwynne. According to him, the budget u-turn “left in 2 billion pounds black hole in Tory plans”, and it was the first sign that the party Hammond was roll on 2015 pledge.

“That basically means that people should expect, if the tories win the next election, is that the tax bombshell Tory tax bombshell on the way, and you can bet your last dollar it will be hard-working low and middle income families that will feel the pain because it is those families who have experienced pain over the last seven years there have been massive tax concessions for those at the very top,” added Gwyn.

All participants are prepared for speed, in a surprise early election declared outside Downing Street at the beginning of the week. The conservatives have returned to their chief strategist in 2015, sir Lynton Crosby, as special advisers of the departments began to move to the new operations of the media tripped in the headquarters of the party.

Some key aides – including Director of the Prime Minister-the Minister of communications, Katie Perrior and press Secretary, Lizzie Loudon left their jobs. They both said it was always the plan, although there have been rumors of tension.

Labour pledged to have candidates in place in every seat in the country by the end of next week and starts the disk using the new tools of social media that allows advertising to be targeted to individual voters in the districts.

The liberal Democrats have already chosen their candidates and prepared a Manifesto as their activists took to the streets in key target audiences such as twickenham in South West London. Other parties run such sprees.



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